What makes music spiritual? Choosing music to review

In Kindred Spirit magazine I used to include the strap-line 'Investigating what makes music spiritual...', but on reflection I can see that 'spiritual' is not a good word to choose because it seems to have as many different interpretations as there are people. Plus it's often associated with the word 'religious' and religions, which in my opinion certainly don't have a monopoly on spirituality. So these days I prefer to use the word newness.

When listening to a new CD I ask myself: 'Has this music got a quality of newness about it?'. If it has then it will almost certainly be included for review.
I appreciate that 'newness' is an abomination of a word but I can't think of one that does the job better. So what do I mean by the word 'newness'? See it as a mix of the following:

Freshness - even music in a tried and tested genre, like relaxation music for example, can be written, played or recorded with a freshness that makes it come alive.
Originality - but not for the sake of it; not a contrived thing - and certainly not when it's the only notable positive attribute.
Beauty/wonder - that quality of beauty which is a wonder to behold in a heart made joyful!
Awesome (awe-full?) - it's an interesting word, awful: something that stops you in your tracks and fills you with awe. Awestruck.
Integrity/sincerity - art that is created for all the best reasons - not formulaic, nor to fulfil a brief
Passion - quiet/noisy, soft or strong, unassuming or forthright - passion is the key that unlocks so many doors...

So if you too are looking for music with 'newness', then hopefully this website will help you sort the 'sweet from the chavs'.

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