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Notes to artists, record labels, distributors, incl. submitting CDs for review, etc.

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Notes for artists
incl. submitting CDs
for review

Sending CDs for review:

Obviously we are keen to receive CDs for review, but before you send anything to us please read through the following notes:

1. Have a good look at this site
Please check to see what sort of music we generally cater for. Although Kinski has a closet passion for both new prog metal and The Stylistics, neither are likely to appear here – in other words: check that what you do stands a chance of being of interest to our readers.

2. No CD, no review!
Please do NOT send press releases, statements or other marketing material unless they accompany an actual CD – we don't write reviews of press releases. Others might write reviews without listening to the actual music, but we don't! We are also unlikely to find time to visit websites to download tracks, etc. A CD, plus cover artwork, is the best way for your music to stand the best chance of being reviewed.

3. Guided meditations, etc.
Generally we don't review guided meditations or other CDs where a spoken message, therapy or poetry is the predominant purpose of the recording. Such things are hugely subjective and pretty impossible to review in a worthwhile way, plus this is after all a music site. THEREFORE PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR RESOURCES SENDING THIS SORT OF MATERIAL, THANK YOU.

4. Acknowledgement of receipt
We don't generally acknowledge receipt of CDs unless you email us to check that yours arrived.

5. Follow-ups
Although it is standard practise for promoters to send follow-up emails, etc. to reviewers, we can categorically say that the more we are pestered the less likely that a review will be forthcoming. Put yourself in our place – you would hate it too!

6. We really do listen to everything sent in!
Unlikely many mainstream music magazines, etc. we are fortunate enough to still be able to find the time to listen to every CD at least once. If something captures Kinski's attention for possible review for Kindred Spirit then it will get several plays – plus of course some get played loads just because we like them!

7. What are we looking for?
Kinski is basically looking either for excellence and something special OR for music that inspires him to write what is hopefully an interesting and entertaining review.
If your CD is not reviewed it definitely does NOT mean that we think it is crap, or even average. Sometimes Kinski just isn't inspired to write anything worthwhile about perfectly good CDs.

8. 'Negative' reviews
Not all reviews will be complimentary, either in their entirety or even on balance. Most reviews contain a mix of praise and criticism which is hopefully helpful .
A review is essentially an opinion. If, as an artist, you are not prepared for a bit of 'tough love' type advice or comment, then it may be better not to send us your work! Kinski does always try to provide an informed opinion, but it is nonetheless, just an opinion.

9. We salute you!
We are painfully aware of how much effort, heartache, sacrifice, risk, hope, joy, money, sleepless nights, etc. can go into producing a music CD. It's tough, and we wish to acknowledge all your efforts here and applaud your for persevering and getting it done, and most of all for follwing your passion.
Writing a review can, in comparison, be a lazy, irresponsible affair where making a witty jibe at someone else's expense can be all too easy! Kinski admits to having made a number of faux pas over the years. Making errors of judgement is sadly part of being human, but Kinski is sincere and certainly endeavours to do his best.

10. Your feedback
We are happy to hear from you and will take notice of any comments you make regarding this website, etc. However, we do not have the time to enter into lengthy debates about the merits or otherwise of a particualr CD or review. If there is a demand for it we may set up a blog to cover this sort of thing.

11. Featured in Kindred Spirit?
Please note that there is only room in the magazine and on the Kindred Spirit online JukeBox to feature five CDs each issue, i.e., every two months. These reviews are normally reproduced on the KS website's music page for the same time period that the magazine is current. After that they disappear – to then re-appear here on the site, including the audio samples that had previously been featured on the KS JukeBox.
Other CDs sent to us but NOT featured in Kindred Spirit will usually be listed on this site, but not with a personal review from Kinski, or with audio samples – though by clicking through to Amazon you may find both reviews and samples there. At the moment we just cannot afford the time to review everything fully (see how this website is financed, below).

12. Each reader can make up their own mind!
The advantage of offering sample audio tracks is that Kinski doesn't have to spend so much time/space describing the music, and also each reader/listener can judge for themselves what they think of the music (and Kinski's review!). Over time it will then be possible to get an idea of how Kinski's opinion relates to yours, so you can read new reviews accordingly.

13. Sample audio tracks: .swf and m3u
Most of the older sample audio tracks on this site are taken directly from the Kindred Spirit online JukeBox where they have previously been converted to a Shockwave/Flash format (.swf) for reasons of versatility across platforms and browsers, and also to make the tracks more secure. The quality is optimised to enable fast delivery even for those people on a dial-up modem connection, but consequently the quality is less than the original recording. Sometimes we have to cut longer tracks to similarly reduce file sizes.

Where there are no JukeBox versions available we use mp3's, but delivered via the .m3u streaming facility so that the tracks are harder to steal, and also so that PC users won't encounter anti-virus blocking problems (fingers crossed!). Again the quality of the mp3's are reduced and in mono to speed download times but also to protect the artist's full quality versions.

14. Please link to us!
By making this site more popular, more people will find your music – plus you'll help us grow.

15. Please feel free to reproduce Kinski's reviews
If you do reproduce a review we would appreciate a link. If you wish to reproduce a review in print then please, if possible, can you mention this website by its address:

Address to send CDs for review:

Kinski music reviews,
c/o Kindred Spirit Magazine,
Diamond Publishing Ltd
Unit 2 Lynher House
3 Bush Park
Plymouth PL6 7RG


How this site makes money

We are not getting paid directly for creating this website or its content, and it is a venture independent from Kindred Spirit.

Why are we doing this site?
Partly we feel it is worthwhile because it seems a shame for the reviews to disappear after just a couple of months with Kindred Spirit – partly we are doing it because of a love of music and an endeavour to help the new age music scene gain more of a market share (when it deserves to!) – but also it is hoped that some sort of financial return will be made through the Amazon affiliate links and other advertising.

Please click through to Amazon
If you click through to either the UK or US Amazon sites and buy something there (even if it is not the CD you clicked through to) then we see roughly a 5% cut of that sale. This doesn't affect the price you pay – essentially we gain the 5% from what would otherwise be Amazon's profit. Obviously they think they can afford it. We do too.
So we urge you to click through from this site whenever you are going to shop at Amazon – it will really help this site to become the valuable, informative resource we hope it to be.

Why Amazon?
We think they are a pretty good company on the whole: committed to recycleable packaging, good staff relations, etc., and by setting up their fabulous MarketPlace system are not only encouraging people to 're-cycle' unwanted items, but are also showing great belief in the honourability of your average Joe and Joanna to play fair whilst trading via a system essentially based on trust.
Plus of course you can pick up some great bargains via Amazon's MarketPlace – probably consistently the cheapest place on the net that doesn't involve a tiresome, stressful auction process.

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