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Who, or what, is Kinski?!
Kinski is the name, and to some degree the persona, I adopted as the present music reviewer for the mind-body-spirit, new age magazine, Kindred Spirit. At the time when I became reviewer I was also serving as KS's website manager, and it was decided that, under the circumstances, to adopt a pseudonym would be a good idea for a number of reasons. Therefore there is NO connection with the instrumental rock quartet from Seattle called Kinski – though the name was chosen partly out of respect and admiration for that marvelous maverick Klaus Kinski – though of course the 'KIN-ski' 'KIN-dred' wordplay appealed to myself and then editor, Richard Beaumont and played a part in choosing the name.

From a very early age, music has been a passionate obsession, and I always have ears for something new. Classically trained on piano and french horn, I was lucky enough to enjoy playing my part in one of the UK's best Youth Orchestras, whilst also writing and playing guitar for small-time progressive rock bands in the Brighton area.

Once punk had engaged a more creative faculty and become the 'New Wave' I rushed headlong into the scene co-writing the underground magazine Dogma, with my band, Carved to a Noise, being included in John Peel's playlist a number of times during the early 80s.

Blessed/cursed with an insecure, restless spirit and a need to find truth (with a capital 'T'), I became drawn to a succession of gurus in my 20/30s, which, although severely disrupting my career in music and 'ordinary' life in general, did lead to countless profound experiences, awakenings and insights, and formed the lightly raked gravel of my own (apparent) spiritual 'path' (for want of a better expression – how can there be a path to here, now...?)

Having somehow managed to gain a Honours Degree in music and acoustics along the way, I went on to start an MPhil in composition, but a deep distrust and distain for the 'emperor's new clothes' much in evidence, and the blatant holy bullshit of academia in general, meant my position was increasingly untenable – and the chance of working for Kindred Spirit presented itself and seemed the better option.

Recovering from chronic fatigue and indulging obsessions with non-duality philosophy, oil painting and discovering real absinthe(!), along with simply earning a crust have curtailed music composition and performance at the present time – though heavy involvement in community arts projects, including sound engineering for a local music club and working on the New Summer of Love project, means that being invloved in the production of music is never far off my immediate agenda.

And Kaufman?

Kaufman is a recent addition to the KS stable of reviewers, and periodically fills the gaps in Kinski's coverage for the magazine, as well as compiling the basic listings for this site. We are likely to hear more from Kaufman in the near future.

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