Clive Kinski Buckland-Bork
artist • composer • musician • writer
I started painting again about a decade ago when I found myself largely confined to my home in Devon, having developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My walls were depressingly bare so I decided to do something about it...

Many of my recent artworks are 'homage-repros', though freeze-framed movie scenes have also provided me with great source material, particularly of people.

Painting movie stars as they appear on screen ultimately inspired me to become a portrait artist.

I hope you enjoy browsing these pages and find my paintings inspiring in one way or another. Mostly they are oil paintings, though some are pastels, and many are for sale.

If you have a favourite photograph, a scene from a movie, or a particular famous painting that you would like to have represented in oils, then please contact me for further information and to discuss fees and terms of engagement.

Thank you.

Email: • Tel: +44 7968 691610 •

Recent works

Contact: Clive Kinski Buckland-Bork, Avalon 81 East St, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7AL, UK
Email: • Tel: +44 7968 691610